Norris's Disadvantage To Hamilton and Verstappen Identified By Zak Brown

Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 12:30
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McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown shared what he thinks is one key difference between Lando Norris and World Champions like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.
Although Lando Norris managed to score his first victory in 2024, he still keeps adding much more podium finishes than victories to his collection compared to what he would like with the car that he has at the moment.
It is clear that McLaren now has a car capable of winning almost every single Grand Prix, but ever since his victory in Miami, the 24-year-old driver has not managed to add another one as it always just slips through his fingers.
Speaking to the media, Zak Brown outlined why this might be happening to the McLaren driver. He suggested he still has much more experience to gain before matching Hamilton or Verstappen.

"To win the Formula 1 world championship, everyone needs to be at 100 percent. I think Lando is learning every time he is out there.

"He's got the benefit of one win. Max [Verstappen], Lewis [Hamilton], and [Michael] Schumacher, when you have won as much as they have won, that gives you a lot of experience."

At the time of writing his article, Norris had one victory to his name. In comparison, Verstappen had 61, and Hamilton just scored his 104th.

"Lando is still getting that experience of winning Grand Prix, which I think is great because the only way to do that is to get stuck in there, and I think he's just going to continue to improve."

While Brown suggested that his driver still has a lot to learn, he didn't hesitate to add that he believes he already has what it takes to win the World Championship.

"As a driver, I think he's perfectly capable of winning the world championship - now. But it doesn't mean he still can't get better."

"I think Max is a better driver today than he was year one, year two of his championship, so I think these drivers continuously refine their game."