Button Warns Norris After Post-Race Statements: 'It Can Quite Easily Spiral Out Of Control'

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 11:16
norris lando mclaren imagonordphoto
2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button discussed Lando Norris's extreme self-criticism following the 12th round of the 2024 season at Silverstone Circuit.
The 2024 British Grand Prix was the fourth consecutive race that Lando Norris could have won but didn't due to strategic and driver errors.
The 24-year-old McLaren driver is known for beating himself up about his failures. Still, during the interviews following his home race, the McLaren driver seemed more upset with himself than ever before.
F1 World Champion Jenson Button heard and saw the interviews with Norris and suggested he should be more "careful" with his emotions. He told Sky Sports F1.

"Lando needs to be a little bit careful with his emotions. He is putting himself down massively at the last race, this race, it can quite easily spiral out of control."

"We know how important it is to have your head in the right place. He is so talented that I don't want him to be too down on himself so that he is not back up there at the next race."

Another F1 Champion, Nico Rosberg, has addressed the exact same issue in the past. The 2016 Champ said the 24-year-old driver should be careful with his self-critical statements because "If you keep repeating that, you start to believe what you say."
The McLaren driver also recently addressed comments about his approach and dismissed suggestions of "mental struggles," saying he has always been tough on himself and that it is just the way he is. Button pointed out another downside that Norris's comments might have, as he added:

"You also don't want to show your competitors that you're that down. That's a weakness that you don't want to show."

"It's lovely that he's open with his emotions, and it's great for us viewers. But I'm just thinking of the competitive side of things. He shouldn't be so down on himself."