Norris vs Piastri: All 2024 McLaren Head-To-Head Stats

Saturday, 20 April 2024 at 11:10
Updated at Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 18:53
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Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri are two youngsters driving for McLaren in the 2024 Formula One World Championships, certainly keeping an eye on their head-to-head.
While in many F1 teams there is a generational gap between their drivers, that's not the case for McLaren, which trusted two young drivers to carry their team.
Norris joined the team in 2019, and before Piastri joined him, the British driver drove alongside Carlos Sainz for two seasons and Daniel Ricciardo for two more seasons.
Piastri joined the team in 2023, which was the first season of the two drivers as teammates, and it was clear that they got along very well off-the track, and produced also some solid results on the track.
Norris was able to outscore his teammate (205 vs. 97) also recording more podiums (7 vs. 2), but it was the Australian who got the team's only win in 2023, even though only in Sprint.

Norris vs Piastri: All 2024 McLaren H2H Stats:

Category Lando NorrisOscar Piastri
Championship standings4th (101 points)6th (53 points)
Grand Prix results head-to-head61
Qualifying head-to-head52
Grand Prix wins10
Pole positions00
Best finish1st (x1)4th (x2)
Fastest laps01
Grand Prix points finishes77
Sprint head-to-head11
Sprint race wins00
Sprint shootout head-to-head11
Sprint race podiums00

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

The first race of the new season wasn't particularly successful for McLaren, but it also can't be said that it was a disaster. They qualified seventh and eighth, and while they couldn't really improve their positions a lot in the race, they showed that they are within a touching distance of the top teams.
In 2023, McLaren started far behind everyone, slowly catching up during the season, but that wasn't the case in 2024. During the race, they were seemingly in a close contact to podium positions in case of a safety car which could have wreaked havoc.
Since that didn't happen, Norris crossed the finish line sixth, improving by one position from the qualifying, while his Australian teammate, ended the race eighth, the same position that he achieved during the qualifying.

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

In Jeddah, Piastri qualified in P5, one position ahead of his teammate Lando Norris in P6. The two both started the race from the third row on the grid.
Being ahead on lap 7 when the safety car was triggered, Piastri chose the safer strategy and went to the pits to change for hard tires on which he would finish the race.
Lando Norris chose to stay out, hoping there would be another safety car or a red flag later on, but that never came. Consequently, the 24-year-old lost much time due to this strategic call that backfired and finished in P8. Piastri drove a perfect race and brought home P4, which was probably the best possible result for his team.

2024 Australian Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

The 2024 Australian Grand Prix was a proper success for McLaren, but it also left a bittersweet memory for the team, and especially Piastri, who as always, remained professional.
Norris started ahead of his teammate, but because of the team's pit strategy, the Brit found himself behind his teammate at one point during the race.
The team instructed the Australian to let his teammate pass him, even though it was the race in his home country. Norris then crossed the finish line in P3, recording the team's first podium of the 2024 season, with Piastri right behind him in P4.

2024 Japanese Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

The McLaren duo proved to be the most balanced on the grid once again during the Japanese Grand Prix, as for the fourth consecutive time, they both managed to finish in points, being the only duo able to achieve that.
Still, Norris was clearly the stronger driver at the Suzuka Circuit, as he qualified third and finished fifth, while his Australian teammate qualified sixth and finished eighth after Fernando Alonso managed to keep him behind and George Russell overtook him late in the race.

2024 Chinese Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

The first Sprint weekend of the season was off to a great start for McLaren, or at least for Norris, who managed to grab the pole position in the Sprint Shootout, out-qualifying everyone by more than a second.
Piastri qualified eighth for the Sprint, but still, he would finish only one place and two seconds behind his teammate, as the Brit's Sprint race turned into a disaster already in Turn 1 when Lewis Hamilton showed his experience, while Norris lost his car outside of the race track, dropping positions, eventually finishing in P7.
Both drivers, however, showed great pace in the qualifying, securing a spot on the second and third row, with Norris in P4 and Piastri in P5.
The race proved to be the best race of the season for the British team, at least from the perspective of one driver, as Norris finished in P2, which was the team's best result in the first five races of the season.
On the other hand, the Australian was part of a collision, when he sustained a damage when Daniel Ricciardo hit him from the back, after his fellow Australian was hit by Lance Stroll. Still, he managed to finish in P8.

2024 Miami Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

The Miami Grand Prix was a special weekend for McLaren. The Papaya team brought in significant upgrades, and similar to the last year, they worked maybe even better than expected.
From the Sprint qualifying, it was clear McLaren had the best pace on the medium compound tires, although Piastri and Norris didn't have as good speed on the soft compound.
They started the sprint race from the bottom part of the top ten, and the British driver was eliminated after the first corner. He was hit from behind and had to retire. Piastri crossed finish line in P6.
However, the race was where McLarens really shined. Norris lost some ground on the opening lap, while Piastri got into P3 and held the 3-second gap between him and Max Verstappen.
A well-timed safety car then helped Norris get into the lead. He then beat Verstappen on pure race pace and brought home his first career victory.
Piastri got a bit unlucky during a collision with Carlos Sainz, who damaged his front wing. This meant the Australian had to go to the pits to change his wing, and then he finished in P13.
Miami Grand Prix Podium- Max Verstappen In P2 And Lando Norris On The Top Step
Miami Grand Prix Podium- Max Verstappen In P2 And Lando Norris On The Top Step

2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Summary - Norris vs Piastri:

Coming to the Imola Circuit, McLaren needed to prove that Miami wasn't just a coincidental one-off thing, and to the team's delight, they did.
The Papaya cars were arguably the two fastest cars in qualifying, but they were beaten by Verstappen, who took advantage of Nico Hulkenberg's slipstream.
Piastri beat his teammate in the qualifying session but lost three places before the race due to a penalty for impeding (Kevin Magnussen in the final run of Q1).
Imola is the second most challenging circuit when it comes to overtaking, so Piastri couldn't make much progress. Although, he seemed faster than anyone else on the medium compound tires.
His 24-year-old teammate found a lot of pace in the end and caught up with Verstappen in the final lap but didn't have enough time to get ahead, so he finished in P2, seven-tenths of a second behind the Dutchman.