Norris Names 'Most Important Factor' In His Decision To Stay With McLaren

by Adam OndrikMonday, 29 January 2024 at 01:00
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Lando Norris revealed the most important factor in his decision to continue racing with McLaren beyond the season 2026.
Lando Norris's previous contract with the Papaya team lasted until the end of the 2025 season. However, just a few days ago, he announced he would be extending his contract with McLaren.
Announcing an extension of the contract two seasons earlier is quite unusual in F1. It shows two things: firstly, McLaren was very keen on securing the 24-year-old.
Secondly, Norris trusts his team can deliver him the Championship contending car in the future. He said after the announcement of his new deal with the Papaya team:

"It’s a team I want to continue my story with, in terms of reaching my goal of winning races, and winning championships. McLaren is a team I want to do it with."

The thing is, Norris is currently considered one of the best drivers in F1, and he maybe could have gone to teams like Red Bull, Ferrari, or Mercedes that will have an advantage of producing their own power units going into the season 2026. The McLaren driver continued:

"They are the ones who have brought me into F1; they have given me this opportunity, so in some ways, I feel like I also owe it to them, but I’m just very much part of the family and also very much enjoying where I am."

Norris has been the driver of the Papaya team ever since he joined F1 five seasons ago. By this point, everybody within the team knows and loves him.
Comfort in the team plays a great role in drivers' performances, and Norris says it was the most important factor for him. He added:

"That’s always a big part of it. I’m part of the family, I’m excited to be part of that family – especially on the trajectory we are on, I think it’s been the most important factor in all of this."