Norris Discloses His Ambitious Goal Inspired By Verstappen And Red Bull

Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 10:51
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In a recent interview, Lando Norris described how he wants to achieve with McLaren what Max Verstappen achieved with Red Bull.
After the announcement, Norris's decision to extend the contract with McLaren two seasons before its due date was heavily questioned.
Even more so after Lewis Hamilton announced he would be leaving Mercedes for Ferrari. The 24-year-old could have been a massive candidate for the second seat at Silver Arrows or even at Red Bull.
However, the Papaya driver explained in a recent interview that he decided he would like to achieve with McLaren what Max Verstappen was able to accomplish with Red Bull.

"You know his story with Red Bull. He joined Red Bull, he's kind of created his story with them. I would love to be able to do a similar thing with McLaren."

Verstappen joined the Red Bull F1 family when he was only 17 years old. After a year at Red Bull's junior team - Toro Rosso, he was moved to Red Bull Racing and has been with the team ever since.
Throughout the eight years that the Dutchman has spent with Red Bull, the team has slowly progressed to the top of the grid, where it has been the dominant force for the last two seasons.
Norris has also been with a single team ever since the start of his F1 career. It has now been five years he has been driving for McLaren, and he hopes to start fighting for championships soon. In terms of why he didn't join a different team like Red Bull, for example, the 24-year-old added:

"If I was to go into second seat at Red Bull, would I achieve better things at an earlier point than where I am now? Probably."

"And if I was to go there now, could I have scored more podiums and wins at a sooner rate? Yes. But in long term, is it better to try and achieve what I want to achieve with McLaren is also yes, which is why I've signed so early."