Norris Delivers Honest Verdict On Whether McLaren Can Fight For Championship In 2025

Thursday, 09 May 2024 at 22:00
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After the most recent victory in Miami, Lando Norris feels even more confident in his team. In a recent interview, he answered whether his team could fight for the Championship title in 2025.
The most recent Mclaren victory, which came during the sixth round of the season at Miami International Autodrome, is the team's first since the Italian Grand Prix 2021.
It is maybe even more special this time around because the British team successfully introduced new upgrades in Miami, which made their car quicker. They beat the leading Red Bull on pure race pace.
There was no one quicker on track in Miami last Sunday than McLaren. This finally allowed Lando Norris to snatch his first victory.
Coming from Miami, the 24-year-old said he feels confident McLaren will be able to fight Red Bull on many more occasions this season and that we might see an exciting three-way battle between them, Red Bull and Ferrari. Asked whether he thinks McLaren could fight for the title in 2025, Norris told Sky Sports:

"100 per cent. I'm saying that with my feet on the ground. But absolutely. I want to believe we have two great drivers, as Zak [Brown, McLaren CEO] normally says. We've got an amazing team behind us."

The British driver previously said he believed his team could score their first win this season, and that turned out to be right. He now suggests he has a similar kind of confidence in his team's ability to produce a Championship contending car for 2025.

"We're closer than ever. As much as I said at the beginning of the year that we can win races, I want to believe and I should have the confidence that next year we can go for more, we can go for the next step. But we have a lot more work to do and we're working hard to try and achieve it."