Norris Admits He Was In Talks With Other Teams: 'Everyone Speaks To Everyone'

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 27 January 2024 at 13:00
norris lando mclaren imagonordphoto
McLaren driver Lando Norris admitted he was in talks with other teams before he signed a contract extension that was announced yesterday.
On January 26th, Lando Norris was announced to extend his deal with McLaren with a multi-year contract. This means we will see the 24-year-old with McLaren at least until the end of the season 2027.
The British driver is currently considered one of the best on the grid and a "hot property" in the driver market, and there has surely been a great interest in Norris's services from many of the top teams. Norris revealed he has, in fact, been in talks with other teams. He told the media:

"Everyone speaks to everyone. Every driver speaks to every team, and it’s not in terms of like everyone’s just sorting out contracts, it's what can one team offer you and what can another team offer you, and things like that."

F1 drivers never want to close all the doors, so they will often look around for what other teams can offer them. The same goes for F1 teams; they most usually will look around for what different options they have.

"It’s the same with every driver, everyone speaks to every team, what could we potentially do one day, but nothing ever progresses more than that basically – we shut [it] down quite quickly."

While he admitted earlier he sometimes enjoys reading the rumors and speculations about himself, Norris asserted it was time to put an end to all of them as he added:

"You do want to put some of these rumors to bed because it's not a good [thing] that the team keeps seeing day in and day out, so that’s why we’ve come to a decision so early on, and so quickly – hopefully that does put those questions to bed nicely."