Looking At Verstappen Comforts Russell Amid Not Being Able To Win Title For 6 Years

Monday, 03 June 2024 at 10:25
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George Russell explained why looking at Max Verstappen unlocks a new perspective for him, so he has no regrets or worries about not winning the Championship until now.
Mercedes F1 driver George Russell has been in Formula 1 for six seasons, but he hasn't won the championship title up until this point.
F1 drivers tend to compare themselves to each other, and Russell is currently the same age as Max Verstappen (26), who already has three Drivers' Championship titles to his name.
Looking at it from this perspective makes Russell look like he has a lot of catching up to do. However, as he explained in one of his most recent interviews, there is another perspective that comforts him.
The Flying Dutchman is currently in his 10th F1 season. He raced in F1 already when he was 17 and had much more time to acquire experience. Moreover, he won his first Championship in his seventh season.
The 26-year-old Mercedes driver hasn't even raced in F1 for seven seasons yet, so this point of view suggests he still has some time to match his rival's accomplishments. He told Daily Mail:

"What gives me hope is that Max was in his seventh season when he [first] fought for a title. I'm in my sixth, I'm 26, and Fernando Alonso is 43 [in July]."

It is also important to note that experience isn't the only thing one needs to win the title. Some portion of luck is involved, as the driver with the fastest car tends to win 99% of the time.
Red Bull is currently considered the fastest car, and the Dutchman is making the most of it. Russell's Mercedes, on the other hand, isn't performing as well as he would like.
The chances he would have a title-contesting car next year are pretty small, but Russell also looks at drivers like Fernando Alonso, who is currently 42 and still driving at a competitive level.
Everything suggests Russell still has a decent amount of time to achieve his dream of winning the Championship. he added:

"Seeing him perform as he is, I see no reason why I can't go into my forties, so I know my time will come. I'm not worried at all."

"I believe we will get our chance. Now, it is Max's chance, but for the first six years, it wasn't, which was frustrating for him."