Lewis Hamilton Says He Manifested His Move To Ferrari

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 at 16:45
leclerchamilton imagonurphoto
Lewis Hamilton talked about manifesting in his recent interview with GQ Magazine and suggested he manifested the Ferrari move as well.
The Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton will be moving from Mercedes to Ferrari after the end of the season. He was asked multiple times in the past what his motivation for the move was, and his response was always that it was his childhood dream.
In an interview with GQ Magazine, the seven-time World Champion revealed he manifested every single thing he ever wanted and still wants to do, including winning Championships or collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger.
Asked whether his move to Ferrari was also something that he manifested, the 39-yead-old confirmed that it was. He said:

"Yeah. I think perhaps more unconscious manifesting from the early period of my life. But it's always been up there for me. For now, though, I'm gonna lift Mercedes as high as I can this year."

Former F1 driver David Coulthard suggested whether Hamilton doesn't already have his mind in Ferrari despite still being a Mercedes driver because the Briton's attitude and performances seemed strange to him.
It was a very challenging start to the season for Hamilton, and he admitted it, but his teammate George Russell recently jumped to his defense, saying nothing has changed in the way he works even after signing a contract with the team from Maranello. Hamilton clarified:

"The way that I exist. I don't look at it as on the way out. My commitment to the team is exactly the same as previous years: I want to kill every other team."

"We want to beat them. My approach remains the same, right until the end. And can't let too much of my mind be distracted by what's afterwards. You can't really tap into that until next year."