Hulkenberg vs Magnussen: All 2024 Haas Head To Head Stats

Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 10:42
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Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen are driving for Haas in the 2024 Formula One World Championships, creating one of the most-experienced duos on the grid.
The two drivers are among the most experienced drivers on the F1 grid, both in their thirties. Magnussen has been with the team for a very long time, joining it back in 2017, and completing every season in Haas ever since.
On the other hand, Hulkenberg joined the team only in 2023, after previously driving for many different teams, and even being without a seat for multiple seasons. Therefore, the 2023 season was their first together, and the German driver managed to outscore his teammate (9 vs. 3).

Hulkenberg vs Magnussen: All 2024 Haas H2H Stats:

Category Nico HulkenbergKevin Magnussen
Championship standings13th (6 points)16th (1 point)
Grand Prix results head-to-head51
Qualifying head-to-head42
Grand Prix wins00
Pole positions00
Best finish9th (x1)10th (x1)
Fastest laps00
Grand Prix points finishes31
Sprint head-to-head11
Sprint race wins00
Sprint shootout head-to-head11
Sprint race podiums00

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

After struggling to collect points throughout the past few seasons, the first race of the 2024 season was quite positive for Haas, even though it eventually ended without any points.
Hulkenberg qualified 10th, but he had a terrible start, and rear-ended Lance Stroll into the first turn, damaging his front wing in the process, eventually costing him a better race result.
Magnussen, on the other hand, qualified only 15th, but finished the race 12th, while his German teammate crossed the line 16th, but the Bahrain Grand Prix certainly showed a lot of promise for the American team.

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

Magnussen and Hulkenberg started the race from P13 and P15. On lap 7, there was a safety car, the Dane went to change his tires and the German stayed out which put him into P10.
Magnussen then collected 20 seconds worth of penalties, but he found himself in P12, which meant he could slow everyone down to allow Hulkenberg to pit.
Magnussen then spent the rest of the race defending, and he did a fantastic job, which allowed his teammate to bring home one point for Haas in P10.

2024 Australian Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

The two experienced Haas drivers showed why the team chose them to drive in 2024 season, as they once again produced a solid display, recording the team's first points finish with both cars in the season.
Once again, however, Hulkenberg was the faster driver, but Magnussen was right behind him, with the Haas driver recording P9 and P10, respectively.

2024 Japanese Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

The Japanese Grand Prix didn't get off to a good start for Haas, or at least for the Danish driver, who failed to get out of Q1, but Hulkenberg was there to save the day, qualifying 12th.
The race was much better for both, also thanks to the retirements of Daniel Ricciardo, who qualified 11th, and Alex Albon, who qualified 14th. Still, even though the German driver finished 11th and Magnussen 13th, it wasn't enough to add to the team's points total.

2024 Chinese Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

The first Sprint weekend of the season was quite solid for the American team. Both drivers managed to get to SQ2 in the Sprint Shootout, placing 12th and 13th. In the sprint, Magnussen improved to 10th, while the German driver struggled and finished only 19th.
However, Hulkenberg once again showed his qualifying qualities in the qualifying for the Grand Prix, putting his Haas to P9, while Magnussed secured a start only from 17th position.
The result in the race could be considered another success for Haas, as Hulkenberg once again managed to earn points for the team, getting one for P10, while Magnussed had a bit worse race, when he spun out Yuki Tsunoda, and got a 10-second time penalty for it, finishing only in P16.

2024 Miami Grand Prix Summary - Hulkenberg vs Magnussen:

Nico Hulkenberg was faster than his Danish teammate throughout the weekend in Miami. He outqualified Magnussen in both qualifying sessions and then scored a better race result on both occasions.
Although the German driver didn't make it into the top ten during the Grand Prix race, he finished in an incredible P7 in the sprint race- securing two more valuable points for his team.
Hulkenberg may not have scored two points without Magnussen's ferocious defense against Lewis Hamilton and all the drivers he held up behind.
It was another controversial weekend for the Dane, as his driving earned him 35 penalty seconds. The race didn't go much better for him either.
Magnussen collided with Logan Sargeant, which severely damaged his car. Although he didn't retire, he finished in P19. Ultimately, Magnussen had ten penalty points to his name coming out of Miami.