Hamilton's Ferrari Move Labeled 'His Retirement Plan' By Former F1 Driver

by Erik VirostkoMonday, 12 February 2024 at 04:00
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Lewis Hamilton will be Ferrari driver from the 2025 season, and according to former F1 driver, David Coulthard, the move had a lot to do with "legacy."
Sebastian Vettel once famously said that "everyone is a Ferrari fan, even if they are not" and it really seems that every driver wants to race around the track in the legendary red car.
Hamilton seems to be one of them, as the seven-time World Champion recently signed a contract with Ferrari starting from the 2025 season, but a lot can change until then.
According to former F1 driver, David Coulthard, his move from Mercedes to the Italian team is his "retirement plan" and an attempt to win a World Championship with the Italian team. He spoke about it on his Formula For Success.

"This is his retirement plan. He is going to end his career at Ferrari, so this is about legacy, it’s about trying to win a World Championship with them."

However, before moving to Ferrari, Hamilton can still win his eighth World Championship with Mercedes, and even if he would do that, he would still have motivation to win another one with team from Maranello according to Coulthard.

"He can win a World Championship, the eighth, with Mercedes this year if they deliver him a race car, so he could go to Ferrari an eight-time champion and then try and add to that with them."

The 13-time Grand Prix winner compared the move to marriage, as he drew a parallel between signing marriage papers (with Ferrari) while also signing divorce papers (with Mercedes).

"I've said this before, in F1 and I'm sure it's other sports, you sign these marriage papers, your contract, and it's a beautiful thing. But on the same day you sign the marriage papers, you've got the divorce papers prepared because you will not spend a lifetime together."