Hamilton Move To Ferrari Came At 'Right Moment'

by Adam OndrikMonday, 05 February 2024 at 12:00
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According to Italian journalist Roberto Chinchero, Lewis Hamilton's move to Scuderia Ferrari came precisely at the "right moment."
Ferrari has not been able to win either Drivers' or Constructors' Championships ever since the season 2008. Arguably, the most prestigious team has been struggling for a while.
In the meantime, World Champions like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel tried their luck with the red but could not succeed in delivering the title for the team.
Everyone is excited to see what the seven-time World Champion could do after he joins the team in the season 2025. Many fear he will be yet another driver to "destroy" his career with Scuderia.
However, Italian journalist Roberto Chinchero suggested the 39-year-old's more to Ferrari came at the right moment as the stars were starting to align for the team. He said on the F1 Nation podcast:

"It should be the right moment. Because I think that a new project started with Frederic Vasseur. At the end of this season, at least two high-level engineers are arriving in Maranello because the gardening [leave period] is very long."

Ferrari is in the process of putting a very strong team together. Great mechanics from rival teams have joined in, and the seven-time World Champion's presence might help motivate everyone and push 110% out of themselves, which might be essential in the battle for the title.

"They are investing in a way to manage the budget cap in the right way in order to have the maximum energy possible to develop the car."

Hamilton will be joining Ferrari in 2025, but the probabilities aren't very high that he will compete for the title that year as Red Bull is the dominant one at the moment.
The 39-year-old might rather look at that season as a chance to acclimate to the team and will be eyeing 2026 when regulations change. At the moment, that seems to be the next greatest opportunity. Chinchero added:

"It should be the right moment. Yes. And I think the target is 2026. I think that it should be quite difficult to fight with Red Bull with this generation of car, but 2026 is really a good chance for everybody of course, not only for Ferrari."