Hamilton May Transform Ferrari's Fortunes And Even Find It 'Difficult To Lose'

by Erik VirostkoMonday, 05 February 2024 at 06:00
Updated at Monday, 05 February 2024 at 08:57
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Lewis Hamilton will be racing for Scuderia Ferrari from the 2025 season, and according to former race engineer, Rob Smedley, he can achieve a lot with the team.
Having a seven-time World Champion join any team is a significant move. After twelve years with Mercedes, Hamilton will join Ferrari in 2025, and everyone already started talking about how well he can do with the team.
One of those people is also Rob Smedley, who served as the team's race engineer in the past, and now talked on the F1 Nation podcast. According to Smedley, it's the British driver who can turn the Italian team's fortunes around.
In the recent seasons, Ferrari often struggled when it mattered the most, but with Hamilton's experience, all can change. On top of that, Charles Leclerc can help him lead the team, and the two can create the strongest duo on the grid.

"I think Lewis definitely can be a catalyst for crystallising the team around him or around him and Charles [Leclerc]. Sometimes a Formula 1 team just needs something to help them put in that extra one per cent and when you’re putting in 110 per cent, putting in that extra one or two per cent makes a massive difference."

Confidence and mental strength often play a significant role in professional sports, and Formula One is no different. Often, we see teams dominating, and during the dominant period, they don't seem to be able to make any mistakes.
That's often called the state of flow, a point when things just click and go in the right direction. According to Smedley, that's exactly what can happen once Hamilton succeeds with Ferrari.

"But you see, once it gets a sniff of winning and it's got instrumental people within that team – people like Lewis, who are just winning machines and are driven to win, weekend in, weekend out – if you’ve got those people leading your team, it becomes difficult to lose. I think that's what we may see with Ferrari."