'Frustrated' Sainz Explains Why He Could Have Won Miami Grand Prix

Tuesday, 07 May 2024 at 12:00
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Speaking to the media after the sixth round of the 2024 season at Miami International Autodrome, Carlos Sainz explained why he believed he could have won the Grand Prix.
Many fans claim the 2024 Miami Grand Prix was one of the season's most exciting races so far, mainly because of the very close battle for the race win.
Scuderia Ferrari drivers expected this track to suit their cars, but in the end, they crossed the finish line "only" in P3 and P4.
Sainz didn't stand on the podium, but speaking to the media right after the Grand Prix, it was clear he felt he could have finished much higher.

"I did a really good start, I was P2 going into Turn 1 and like they said in the old school days, Checo came like a torpedo."

"He nearly took us all with him, we took avoiding action. I lost positions for that move and from there, I had good pace."

Sergio Perez misjudged a braking point into the first corner on the opening lap, and by miracle, he missed both Ferrari drivers and his teammate by a few centimeters.
As Sainz explained, this move had its consequences, and his avoiding action cost him a few positions. Nevertheless, he showed he had a very good pace.
Unfortunately, the timing of the safety car didn't play into the hands of the 29-year-old as it did into the hands of Lando Norris, who later went on to win the race.

"If we would have extended one more lap, we would have won this race like Lando did. We boxed the lap before the safety car and we were ahead of Lando at the time."

"So I'm a bit frustrated there again, a bit frustrated with the start, frustrated with Oscar because he ran us off the track and we had contact."

Knowing he could definitely stand on the podium and maybe even on the top step, it was a disappointing result for the Spanish Ferrari driver.
What's more, he received a five-second penalty for contact with Oscar Piastri during his overtake going into turn number 17. Consequently, Sainz dropped one position after the race, so his final result from the Miami Grand Prix was P5.

"I had to be aggressive to overtake because this weekend for some reason we were struggling to overtake."

"I sent it on the inside of Turn 17 [on Piastri] and from then, we had good pace until the end but it was too late."

Concerning the first victory of his friend- McLaren driver Lando Norris, Sainz said it was very well deserved as he added:

"I think he has been doing amazing in F1 for many years now. He deserved a win for a long time. He was on the lucky side but luck comes to the guys that deserve it and he's one of them."