F1 President Responds To Announcement Of Suzuka Contract Extension

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 03 February 2024 at 04:00
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The president and the CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, issued a statement in relation to the contract extension with Suzuka Circuit.
It was feared for a second that one of the traditional dedicated racing circuits would be removed from the F1 calendar. Consequently, it comes as a relief to many fans that it won't be Suzuka.
Suzuka is one of the most iconic racing circuits that F1 still has in 2024. The circuit contains 18 turns and is 5.807 km (3.608 miles) long.
Suzuka first held the Japanese Grand Prix in 1963, but it officially became part of the Championship for the first time in 1987. Stefano Domenicali said after extending the contract with the Japanese circuit until the end of the season 2029:

"Suzuka is a special circuit and part of the fabric of the sport, so I am delighted that F1 will continue to race there until at least 2029."

It used to be among the last few races on the calendar, but now Suzuka has been moved to an April slot. So, in 2024, it will be part of the first half of the season, and no more Championship battles will be decided here.

"As we prepare to return to Japan earlier than usual this season, I would like to express my huge gratitude to the promoter and team at Honda MobilityLand for supporting our effort towards greater calendar rationalization as we look to make the sport more sustainable."

The Japanese circuit is so popular that designs of some other circuits in the F1 calendar took inspiration from it (Circuit of the Americas for example). Domenicali added:

"Our fans in Japan embrace Formula 1 with a unique passion, and we look forward to working with the promoter to give fans the experience they deserve for years to come."