Australian Grand Prix 'Hell Of Advert' For Sainz's Talents

Tuesday, 26 March 2024 at 21:00
Updated at Tuesday, 26 March 2024 at 21:06
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Martin Brundle praised the Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz after the third race of the 2024 season, which he called "hell of an advert' for his talents.
As we've seen in the past, if Sainz wins a race, he tends to do it in a spectacular way. His win number three will surely be remembered for a long time as he did it just two weeks after appendix surgery.
The Spaniard started from P2, overtook Max Verstappen (who retired shortly after), and then controlled the race from the front with a super-strong pace.
On the last few laps, Sainz admitted on his team radio that he didn't feel great. He was probably really exhausted, as he didn't have time to prepare for the race because he was focusing on recovery.
Nevertheless, the Spaniard brought home a victory for Ferrari, which was sealed by Charles Leclerc, who crossed the finish line in second place with the fastest lap. This meant the team from Maranello achieved maximum points at Albert Park Circuit
Martin Brundle wrote in his column for Sky Sports after the weekend that seeing Sainz ahead of the race didn't really give him the impression that the 29-year-old could challenge for the win, but he was proven wrong.

"Carlos Sainz was the hero of the day, and fans' driver of the day for the second time in his two races this season."

Even when I chatted to him on the grid just before the race, I was perturbed that he still looked fragile and moved more slowly than normal after his surgery for appendicitis. There was nothing slow-moving about his race pace though, he was sensational throughout.

Leclerc acknowledged Sainz's incredible performance after the race, admitting the Spaniard was faster. He also revealed that the 29-year-old will surely find himself a spot as he is already in talks with multiple team principals. Bundle added:

"In his words he is 'jobless' for next year, and that was one hell of an advert for his talents yet again. If he'd driven in Jeddah, it's highly likely he'd be leading the world championship now."