Albon Exudes Confidence Concerning Williams's 2024 Car: 'Definitely Done Good Job'

by Adam OndrikMonday, 05 February 2024 at 22:00
fw46 launch williams car
Alex Albon seemed very confident in Williams's winter break development progress during today's car launch.
Williams Formula 1 team just launched their 2024 challenger - FW24. While we have to wait for the first race of the season to really see the progress, we got some first few hints from the Drivers' reactions.
Part of Williams's car launch was an interview with F1's Will Buxton. In this short interview, the 27-year-old driver suggested the 2024 car is going to differ significantly from the older generation.

"I think it is going to be such a big difference in driving style and just generally, hopefully, performance. Let's see."

While F1 cars might feel a certain way on the simulator, the feeling might change once it's actually put into real-world conditions. Therefore, Albon suggests we wait for Bahrain.

"We don't really know until we hit the ground in Bahrain, but generally, it's been a good car to drive."

Williams finished the 2023 season in seventh place with quite a gap to the top five teams, all of which (excluding Red Bull) have been pretty much equally matched.
To catch up with these teams like Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, or Ferrari would be considered a tremendous success for the British team.

"I feel like every team is going to make a big step. Everyone talks about numbers and how many points they have added on and how much quicked they are from last year."

The thing about Formula 1 is it is always a matter of comparison. No matter how much progress Williams makes, if the remaining teams make a bigger step forward, the British team won't be competitive.
Nevertheless, Albon seemed quite confident when he suggested his team has "definitely done a good job" concerning the progress. He added:

"It's all comparative. Let's see how we fare against everyone else, but we've definitely done a good job. I don't wanna talk big game too early."