'We Need To Be Perfect': Verstappen Aware Of Miami Grand Prix Challenge

Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 08:00
verstappen max redbull rbcp169
Max Verstappen has been the best driver in 2024 so far, but he's aware that every track and race present a new challenge for him.
Red Bull and the Dutch driver have dominated this season so far. They won four out of five races, and the Sprint race in China, after which Verstappen won also the Chinese Grand Prix.
The 26-year-old has been in a league of his own, collecting one win after another, but he knows that the fact that his car does well on one track doesn't mean it will necessarily translate to the other as well.
He spoke about that after winning in China, as the Miami Grand Prix, which is the next race, will be a completely new challenge for the Austrian team, and Verstappen knows that to do well also in the United States, his team will need to be perfect again.

"It’s a completely different track. You know, different tyres, different tarmac, so you never know. We need to be perfect. Need to try and be perfect. We need to always try and find the best set-up on the car, you know, to be able to show performances like we did today."

Still, when talking to the media, the Dutch driver didn't want to think too far ahead, as the race at the Miami International Autodrome will be held on May 5th, 2024.
Instead, he wanted to enjoy the success that his team achieved at the Shanghai International Circuit, before shifting his focus to the sixth Grand Prix of the 2024 F1 season.

"So that's what we'll try to do but also on the other hand I don't want to think about it too much now. First of all to go home, and then we will prepare like we always do and hopefully that's good enough when we get there."