Vowles Laughs At Common Comments Of Team Principals Ahead Of Season

by Adam OndrikSunday, 28 January 2024 at 19:00
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The team principal of Williams, James Vowles, pinpointed how every single team principal will say the same before the start of the season 2024.
James Vowles has been a team principal for one year - the 2023 season was his first in the role. However, he has been in the sport of F1 for many, many years - mainly as part of Mercedes.
Vowles became the team principal of Williams with the goal of transforming it into a team that could compete for the Championship title again.
As he joined the British team with very little time ahead of the 2023 season, there wasn't much he could do about the 2023 car. Consequently, a decision was made that Williams would focus on their 2024 car as soon as the most recent season began.
This year, we should see the progress that the British team was able to make over the course of one year. Vowles said he is satisfied, but he suggested that is what every single team principal will say at this point. He told it.motorsport.com:

"I'm satisfied with the work we're doing, but I bet if you interview all the grid teams they'll tell you: 'I'm satisfied with the work we're doing'."

The William Racing F1 team principal suggested everyone who says they are satisfied made a small step forward in the development and nothing more.

"That usually tells you that maybe you'll get a little further, but nothing more The big steps forward are made with the change in regulations. 2026 will be the first opportunity to take a real step forward."

The reason that all the team principals remain conservative at the moment is that the real thing that will matter will be the direct comparison between their progress and the progress of other teams.
For example, even if Williams was only able to gain 0,2 seconds per lap during the winter break, it would be an incredible success if other teams gained 0,05.
On the other hand, if other teams gained 1 second per lap, Williams would look completely lost. Therefore, everybody awaits pre-season tests and the first race in Bahrain with great anticipation.