Vettel 'Happy' If Verstappen Wins Next Race In Japan

Friday, 29 March 2024 at 12:00
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Former F1 driver Sebastian Vettel shared his opinion on the current dominance of RedBull and Max Verstappen.
The four-time World Champion went through a period of his own dominance with the exact same team as Max Verstappen when he won the 2010-2013 World Championships.
The 36-year-old recently admitted he still watches Formula 1 as he is still interested in the sport. When he was asked about the next race of the season at Suzuka Circuit, he said, as quoted by Sky Sports:

"From a sporting perspective, we would all like it to be closer. But the signs are good, this year it seems to be closer."

Vettel also experienced a period of Mercedes dominance when no one could match the speed of Lewis Hamilton, and apparently feels that from the sporting perspective, it would be nice if battles were closer.
Nevertheless, when predicting the result for the fourth round of the season, the German driver still admitted Verstappen with Red Bull as the favorite despite being defeated in Australia.

"But I think that Max [Verstappen] and Red Bull are still the favorites, again in Suzuka. You don't know how Australia would have turned out, ifs and buts, that doesn't matter. It was nice for Carlos [Sainz] and Ferrari. "

While the four-time World Champion said he would like the battle for the Championship to be closer, he also appreciates the perfect execution and the speed of Red Bull with Max Verstappen, which he asserted "can't be emphasized enough." Vettel added:

"As I said, from a sporting point of view, it's nice if a little more is happening, but with the dominance that Red Bull and especially Max continue to show, you shouldn't forget the performance behind it. That can't be emphasized enough. So I'll be happy if Max comes back to the top."