Verstappen's Brake Issue Won't Be Worry In Japan Says Marko

Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 01:30
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Helmut Marko reassured media ahead of the fourth race weekend of the season that the brake issue that caused Max Verstappen's DNF in Australia will no longer be a problem in Japan.
Despite initial problems with the car setup at Albert Park Circuit during the most recent race weekend of the season, Max Verstappen was able to put his RB20 on the pole.
However, he didn't get to show his and his car's potential during the race. He had to retire after less than five laps due to an overheating brake on his right rear that caught on fire.
This is a very unusual sort of issue, and it meant that Verstappen's nine consecutive race-winning streak was over. However, Helmut Marko told that it will not be a problem going into the next race:

"Max (Verstappen)'s brake broke, the exact cause is still being investigated. But it's not the brake caliper. It's more of an assembly issue, but that will be done checked. I have no worries for Japan, that's not a problem."

While Sergio Perez seemingly had no problems with his car, it was clear he struggled too. It was revealed after the race that he, in fact, lost a lot of performance before overtaking Fernando Alonso.
As Red Bull team principal Christian Horner explained, a tear-off from the Spanish Matador's helmet got apparently stuck in one of the ducts on the floor of Checo's car, which lost him a significant amount of downforce. Marko added:

"That's why he was no longer able to achieve the times he had achieved before. The lack of downforce also increased tire wear."

"Suzuka is a power track that suits us, Max is always great there. I'm very optimistic."