Verstappen Looking For 'Grey Areas' When Racing Other Drivers

Friday, 05 July 2024 at 10:00
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Speaking a week after his collision with Norris in Austria, Max Verstappen gave insight into his approach to racing, searching for "grey areas."
Triple World Champion Max Verstappen and McLaren driver Lando Norris shared an epic battle during the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix, which unfortunately ended in a collision and a DNF for one of them.
Norris initially blamed the Red Bull Racing driver for not pushing the limits and causing the collision, but after reviewing the incident ahead of the following race weekend in Great Britain, the 24-year-old took back what he said.
Apparently, both drivers had some time to talk things through, and Verstappen revealed they ultimately agreed on 99% of things.
The two also agreed to move forward without changing anything about their current approach, as they plan to race each other hard in the remaining races of this season.
Returning to the incident at Red Bull Ring, Verstappen re-asserted that he felt nothing he did during the battle with his friend from McLaren was "massively over the top." He told the media at Silverstone Circuit.

"I felt everything that I did was nothing massively over the top. Of course, like how we design a car, you try to go to the edge of the rules."

All the teams look for grey areas in regulations that would allow them to profit in the development battle against their rivals, and the triple World Champion explained that is also how he approaches racing.
It is no secret that Verstappen quite often pushes regulations, but so do other drivers. One example is Lewis Hamilton flying into the first corner of the opening lap around the outside, getting himself pushed wide, out of the track, but gaining the position off track. The Dutchman added:

"Maybe you find some grey areas here and there, as a car, and that's the same how you race. Otherwise, you will never be a top driver, you will never succeed in life."