Verstappen - Hamilton Mind Games Revealed By Ex-Trainer Scanes

Thursday, 04 April 2024 at 00:15
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Max Verstappen's former fitness coach, Bradley Scanes, who worked with the triple World Champion during the 2021 season, revealed the mind games he and Lewis Hamilton would play.
2021 is considered one of the best and most attractive Formula 1 seasons in recent history, mainly because of the super close championship duel between Max Verstappen from Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes.
The two had one of the biggest rivalries, which led to multiple tense escalations on track during multiple Grand Prix weekends. This season was so close that it was decided during the final lap of the final race.
Max Verstappen's former fitness coach was part of the team at the time and says he considers it a privilege today to have experienced everything that happened that season with the team. He told Sky Sports:

"As someone in sport, working in sport, I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of that season."

The 2021 was a roller coaster ride for both Mercedes and Red Bull, but it ended a lot sweeter for the team from Milton Keynes. Scanes continued:

"We just witnessed two of the best go at it head-to-head, neck and neck, and you don't often get that opportunity."

In the last two seasons, Mercedes lost its competitiveness, and the Red Bull Racing team has clearly dominated. Since 2021, Verstappen has accumulated two more titles and has been basically unchallenged.
However, his coach remembers 2021 was so close it was all about the details. The 26-year-old and Hamilton would play mind games around everything. He said:

"It's the little things they'll try and do to get one over each other. In the cool down room after a race, who could be the longest to get ready and take the most time. And it's those little mind games that those two were playing with each other."

The closest team to Red Bull with Verstappen at the moment is Ferrari, which will be joined by the seven-time World Champion next year. Would you like to see the two go head-to-head for the Championship again?