Perez Facing Daunting Future With Potential Suspension Looming

Monday, 11 March 2024 at 07:30
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Sergio Perez will need to be very careful in the following months if he wants to avoid a one-race suspension in F1.
The Mexican driver achieved his best-ever finish in the Formula One World Drivers' Championships in 2023, finishing second, but along the way, he complicated the life for himself quite a bit.
Especially in the second part of the season, Perez was the reason of a few collisions, for which he was penalized not only in the race, but also on his penalty points record.
Each driver receives penalty points for any wrongdoings, and if over a 12 months period the driver accumulates 12 points, they are suspended for one race, something the Red Bull driver will want to avoid.
However, the problem is that over the past seven months, he has collected a total of eight points, leaving him with only four more potential penalty points in the following five-month period.
He has one penalty point that expires on September 17, 2024, from the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix for causing a collision with Alex Albon. In the following race, which was the Japanese Grand Prix, he collected a total of four penalty points which expire on September 24, 2024, for overtaking Fernando Alonso under safety car, and causing a collision with Kevin Magnussen.
On November 26, 2024, the Mexican driver will get rid of another two penalty points, which he received for causing a collision with Lando Norris at the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and the eighth penalty point was collected for the unsafe release at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
The last penalty point must have been particularly annoying for Perez, as it was an avoidable situation, as he admitted after the race. The 34-year-old also admitted that sometimes the driver has a better overview of the situation from the car, but this time it wasn't the case.

"You are able to have a bit of awareness of what’s going on around you definitely. Sometimes the team can be a little bit slower than you in the car, but this time it was the other way around. My bad in that one, but it still happily didn’t change our race."