McLaren Takes Blame For Not Giving Norris Car Capable Of Competing For Victory

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 20 January 2024 at 19:00
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Lando Norris has not been able to achieve his Grand Prix victory yet, and McLaren's team principal asserted it is the team that hasn't provided the driver with the right conditions to do so.
In 2023, Norris equaled a record that no driver in F1 would want to achieve. The 24-year-old has the most podiums without a single Grand Prix victory (13).
The Brith came to his first win super close on many occasions, but it always just slipped through his fingers. It seems the pressure keeps mounting on the Brit lately, with his new teammate Oscar Piastri winning a Sprint race already in his first season in F1.
Some say the pressure has had a positive influence on the Brit, and some disagree. Asked whether he believed Norris would be more relaxed once he secured his maiden victory, Stella said as per

"I think the first victory is always somehow the most important, no? Because it comes with some confidence. I think some other things come slightly easier."

McLaren hasn't been one of the top two teams for quite a long time. Going into the 2024 season, that might change. However, Stella suggests his team didn't provide the number four driver with the right conditions to compete for the victory until now.

"But, at the moment, I would say the main reason why this has not been possible is because we have not put Lando in conditions to consistently compete for the victory."

McLaren unveiled its new livery a few days ago, and the team announced that its 2024 challenger, which we will see during the first weekend in Bahrain, is already finished.
The team principal believes Norris is ready to take the opportunity for his first Grand Prix win, but he needs a competitive car. He added:

"So, when Lando wins his first race, [it] will be a beautiful moment. He is ready for that. It’s more about us being ready [and] delivering the car that allows him to take the opportunities."