Madrid Grand Prix Getting Close To Replacing Barcelona In F1 Calendar

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 17 January 2024 at 09:00
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It was exposed a while ago that Madrid is in talks with F1 over a potential Grand Prix that could replace the race in Barcelona. Here are some new updates.
What we already knew was that Madrid was supposedly in talks with F1 ever since the 5th of December or even earlier. It was proposed that a 10-year-long contract was on the table for the Spanish city to become part of the F1 calendar as soon as 2026.

🚨 | BREAKING : A Madrid Grand Prix at a street circuit in IFEMA is looking very likely by each day José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor of Madrid said: "The negotiations on F1 and Madrid are going reasonably well."

Possible Layout of the street race Via Relevo
However, FIA president of the Senate Carmelo Sanz de Barros later shed light on this alleged project, saying there is a clear process that new circuits need to follow.
Crucially, he added that he didn't think Madrid was following any of the prescribed steps in order to be approved by FIA to join the F1 calendar.
On the other hand, the Spanish publication AS reported to have information from political sources that are now awaiting an official announcement that has not yet been made.
Apparently, the race in Madrid is about to be announced as soon as next week. But then one question remains: will it replace Barcelona in the F1 calendar?
There is already one Spanish Grand Prix in the F1 calendar, and it doesn't seem like there is a place for a 25th race. Domenicali himself, CEO of F1, told AS in June:

"I don't think that in the medium term, after 2026, we will be in that situation of having two races in Europe in the same country unless something changes and is different."

What Domenicali said also has implications for Italy, which hosts two Grand Prix races in a season in 2024. But it also suggests that the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya might have its last Grand Prix in 2025.
Do you like the current circuit that hosts the Spanish Grand Prix? or are you looking forward to the newly proposed race in Madrid?