Horner 'Should' Step Aside Amid Threat Of Verstappen Leaving, Herbert Suggests

Wednesday, 20 March 2024 at 18:00
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In one of his most recent interviews, Johny Herbert discussed the situation inside the Red Bull Racing team and asserted that Christian Horner should step aside.
Though there seemed to be no further development in the tense situation inside the Red Bull Racing team, former F1 driver Johny Herbert recently suggested he has heard the deal between Verstappen and Mercedes is getting quite close.
The triple World Champion would have no reason to leave the team, looking at it from the car's performance perspective. The first two races of the season showed that Red Bull continues to be the clearly dominant team.
The main problem looks to be the power struggle inside the team, which the Dutchman found himself in the middle of. As quoted by The Sun, Herbert said Verstappen's exit might destroy the team.

"It's the impact, the possible destroying of the team and the success they have had."

"It's not about the Christian Horner show, it's about the Max Verstappen show as he is the one winning all these races and championships for Red Bull."

Verstappen has indeed won 19 out of the last 20 races and can equal his record for the most consecutive wins during the Australian Grand Prix.
The Dutchman recently said he has enjoyed the 2023 season more than any other in his career. He likes to have the dominant car and executes it flawlessly, race after race.
So why would the 26-year-old abandon his seat at Red Bull if he can continue his Championship winning streak in 2024 and 2025 as well? Herbert added:

"It would be crazy for Max to leave because of the situation, Jos [Verstappen] has said it will be very destructive and rip it apart and I think it's gone on for far too long. In some respects, Christian should really think about it and step aside."