Hamilton's Move To Ferrari To Be 'Ordeal' For Leclerc Says Ralf Schumacher

Wednesday, 20 March 2024 at 13:30
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Charles Leclerc has been with Ferrari for five years and is considered the number-one driver by many. However, according to Ralf Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton's arrival will be an ordeal for him.
Leclerc and Hamilton's matchup in Ferrari is already the most anticipated aspect of the 2025 season. It is just exciting to see how two of the best drivers on the grid will compare.
On the one hand, there is an experienced seven-time World Champion who has obviously proved numerous times that he has what it takes to secure the title.
On the other hand, there is 26-year-old Leclerc, considered the best qualifying driver in F1 and a future World Champion. How will these two compare, and what will the dynamics be between the two?
Former F1 driver and a six-time Grand Prix winner Ralf Schumacher believes that the 39-year-old expects to be treated as number one in Ferrari. He told Sport1.de:

"Hamilton expects that everything will be done to make him feel comfortable, that he is number one on the team."

Leclerc signed a contract extension with the team from Maranello before Hamilton joined in. When his deal was announced, it signaled that Ferrari was confident in the 26-year-old, and they wanted him to be their future champion.
However, when the team announced the signing of the seven-time World Champion a few weeks later, it started looking like the Monegasque driver might lose his number-one status to the big star.

"But I don't think Charles Leclerc sees himself as Ferrari's second driver. For him it is an ordeal. He has to beat Hamilton, who is in the final stretch of his career due to his age."

Hamilton comes in as a savior, someone who wants to bring back Ferrari's success. Scuderia hasn't won a championship title in more than a decade.
He comes in with a big name, a lot of speed, and a ton of experience. But, Schuchmacher suggests that Leclerc also has some advantages.

"But Leclerc has advantages: He is a Ferrari pupil and speaks perfect Italian. That's why it will be exciting to see how everything develops at Ferrari."