Hamilton Suggests Gap To Red Bull 'Same As Last Year' After 'Real Struggle'

Sunday, 24 March 2024 at 20:40
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The seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton shared his thoughts with the media after what was a relatively short race for him at Albert Park Circuit.
The 39-year-old Mercedes F1 driver started the 2024 Australian Grand Prix from P11 after failed qualifying on Friday. Consequently, Hamilton chose to go for a different strategy for almost everyone on the grid.
Hamilton then gained two positions before making his first (and the only) stop on lap 8. On lap 15, the race ended for the 39-year-old, as he had to stop his car on the side of the track after an engine failure. Asked how frustrating it was to hear his engine go, Hamilton replied:

"I didn't feel it; it just went in one go, but I didn't feel it coming. It was definitely frustrating because it was so early in the race."

"I was still hoping to progress forward. I was on a different strategy to everyone. But, these things happen... A real struggle this weekend."

At one point, the Mercedes driver found himself behind the back of Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Perez, who came out of the pits right in front of him into turn one.
The seven-time World Champion then had the opportunity to follow the Mexican driver on RB20 around the track for a few laps, but he said he couldn't keep up with him because the performance difference was "massive."

"It's a massive gap. I think they have a second on us, something like that. He was on fresh tires, but just the way he pulled away down the straight, I was like: 'Wow.' Same as last year."