Hamilton Proposes New Format For Monaco Weekend As He Thinks Fans Might 'Fall Asleep'

Friday, 24 May 2024 at 11:43
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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton came up with some interesting suggestions for change ahead of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix Weekend.
The Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco is always one of the most special and prestigious races in the F1 calendar. It bears great historical significance, and every single driver's dream is to win this race.
It is one of the most challenging circuits in the F1 calendar, and it rewards drivers who can take the most risk without crashing their cars in the qualifying session.
Monaco was never a circuit suited for a lot of overtaking, but it has become even more challenging or impossible to overtake as F1 cars got bigger and bigger over the years.
This means that the winner is quite often decided already on Saturday unless something unexpected (like red flags, safety cars at the wrong time, changing weather) affects the race on Sunday.
It is exciting to watch F1 cars flying through the tight and twisty streets of Monaco, but the race cannot offer much overtaking action for the fans. Speaking on the matter, Lewis Hamilton told the media:

"Monaco hasn't really changed much, the cars are getting bigger and there is a huge risk of colliding [with the barriers]."

"I wish we had bigger roads and that the track could be wider, but I don't think that that is ever going to be the case because it is just a small place."

The turning point of the race often comes during the one scheduled pit stop. Hamilton is aware that we will probably never see more overtaking opportunities on this circuit, so he proposed making the race more interesting by making drivers stop multiple times.

"The race is continuously pretty much the same it is a one-stop race, so I would say that maybe having special tires for this race so you have more pit-stops, create more variability."

It's not easy, but the 39-year-old driver suggested he believes it's achievable if F1 bosses really desire change.

"They [F1 bosses] can definitely come up with a specific weekend, for this particular weekend, they should come up with some new formula for it rather than it just being the same."

"You might fall asleep on Sunday during the race, so creating something else, I don't know how you would do that [but it would be good]."