Hamilton Presented With Unique Opportunity To End 28-Month Winless Streak

Saturday, 20 April 2024 at 00:00
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Lewis Hamilton is going through a period that hasn't been used to for the majority of his career, but he can change it on Sunday at the Shanghai International Circuit.
The Mercedes driver, who signed with Ferrari for the 2025 season, has yet to win a Grand Prix in Formula One since December 5, 2021, when he crossed the finish line first at the controversial Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
Two and a half years later, and the seven-time World Champion has never stood on the top spot again, but he can change that at the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix.
Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers ever, and when it comes to race wins, he's the greatest, as no driver has ever managed to finish first in F1 103 times, and no other driver managed to even cross 100 wins.
Unfortunately for him, the 39-year-old won't improve this number on Saturday in China, but he has a chance to end his winless streak, as he qualified second for the Sprint race.
It came after the track got wet for the SQ3 as a result of persistent rain that started at the end of the SQ2, and using his craft in wet conditions to his advantage, the British driver was out-qualified only by fellow Brit Lando Norris.
Despite not starting from the pole position, Hamilton will have a unique chance to end a winless streak, and that's thanks to multiple reasons, one of them being the top three names in the qualifying.
Hamilton, Norris, and third Fernando Alonso are all sensational drivers who can fight in wheel-to-wheel battles, and that may help the 39-year-old when attempting to win the Sprint.
The reason is simple: Max Verstappen is 'only' fourth, and if the Sprint is driven in dry conditions, the Red Bull driver will certainly be favored to win it.
However, with three great drivers ahead of the Dutchman, he may find it difficult to overtake his way all the way to P1, which will be made even harder by the fact that the Sprint lasts only 19 laps, compared to 56 of the Grand Prix.
All of these factors will make it very possible for Hamilton to end his streak, which will last 867 days, or 2 years, 4 months and 15 days, on the day of the Sprint race.