Hamilton 'Like Shark In Ocean': Webber Praises 39-Year-Old's Performance

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 18:00
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Former F1 driver Mark Webber was seriously impressed with Lewis Hamilton's performance in the 2024 British Grand Prix.
During the 12th round of the 2024 season, Lewis Hamilton finally managed to break his streak of winless race weekends and F1 seasons as he crossed the finish line first during his home Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit.
The race itself was also special because there were four drivers who could have won it, but the seven-time World Champion was the one who made the best of what he had.
Speaking to Channel 4 after the race, nine-time Grand Prix winner Mark Webber described the 39-year-old as like a "shark in the ocean" during the race.

"It was beast mode - home turf. I think it was the back of the first stint when they were talking about rain coming; this is him smelling blood at that point. That's like a shark in the ocean."

"[This is Hamilton thinking] I've got opportunities here. I'm going to put pressure on everyone around me. I've got so much experience. I've got so much beautiful archive of success here."

The British Grand Prix was challenging for both drivers and their teams due to the ever-changing track conditions. Making the right calls regarding the timing of the pit stops was crucial, and Hamilton and his team did not make a mistake. Webber added:

"He grabbed that race by the scruff of the neck, the key decisions, he drove the team. This is what I want. This is when I want it, and I'm going to deliver. So cool heads."

"I'm a big Lewis fan. I know I said he's on the fringe of results, but [I questioned] 'Where's that motivation? Where's that mojo? But you give him a flash of something like we saw, then stand back."