Hamilton Explains Why He Feels 'More Confident' Coming Into Monaco Grand Prix Weekend

Thursday, 23 May 2024 at 22:00
Updated at Friday, 24 May 2024 at 11:25
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Speaking to the media ahead of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, the seven-time World Champion discussed where Mercedes stands with their car.
Coming to the eight-race weekend of the season, Mercedes stands in fourth place in the Constructors' Championship, 75 points behind McLaren in third place and 35 points ahead of Aston Martin in P5.
Silver Arrows introduced a big upgrade split into two halves over the two previous race weekends in Miami and Imola, and although their finishing positions didn't show it, the drivers said they felt real progress.
Speculations that emerged this week Mercedes planned to bring upgrades to every single car until the British Grand Prix, but speaking to the media ahead of race weekend at Circuit de Monaco, Hamilton asserted his team didn't bring anything new.

"We don't have any upgrades this weekend. We had the package spread over the last two races. We have our highest downforce level, which everyone has here and we have an evolved wing."

"But otherwise, we don't really know where we're going to be this weekend. I'm definitely more excited about it compared to the two previous cars because those two are not so great."

Mercedes is currently in no man's land and still needs to catch up before it can challenge the top three teams—Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren.
However, everything that is happening with Mercedes cars makes the seven-time World Champion more confident, as he added:

"This one is a real work in progress, and hopefully, it should be better here, at least than what it was last year."

"I am more confident going into this weekend. This car is much more predictable and more enjoyable to drive. Still not perfect, but it is progressing in the right direction."

The 39-year-old's best Grand Prix result of the 2024 season so far was P6 in the last two races. Will he be able to improve this result at a circuit where qualifying almost determines the finishing order of the Sunday Grand Prix?