Gasly vs Ocon: All 2024 Alpine Head To Head Stats

Saturday, 20 April 2024 at 12:00
Updated at Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 10:52
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Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon are two French drivers fighting head-to-head in the only French team in the 2024 Formula One World Championships, Alpine.
The two Frenchmen are the only two drivers from their country on the F1 grid in 2024, and unsurprisingly, both are also driving for the only French team in the competition.
Both have known each other for a very long time and while there were times when they were friends, quite early into their careers, Gasly and Ocon have established that they probably won't be sending each other Christmas presents.
Ocon is the driver, who has spent more time with the team, and even recorded a race win as Alpine driver. He joined the French team in 2020 when it was still called Renault. In 2024, he's competing already in his fourth season since the team was rebranded to Alpine in 2021.
Gasly, on the other hand, joined the team only in 2023, which was the first season together in Formula One for the two French drivers. It was very close as they scored very similarly, and Gasly outscored his compatriot only by four points (62 vs. 58).

Gasly vs Ocon: All 2024 Alpine H2H Stats:

Category PIerre GaslyEsteban Ocon
Championship standings19th (0 points)15th (1 points)
Grand Prix results head-to-head15
Qualifying head-to-head15
Grand Prix wins00
Pole positions00
Best finish12th (x1)10th (x1)
Fastest laps00
Grand Prix points finishes01
Sprint head-to-head11
Sprint race wins00
Sprint shootout head-to-head11
Sprint race podiums00

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

The first race of the 2024 season was very disappointing for the French team. Already during the Free Practice sessions and during the qualifying, it became clear the Alpine was miles off the pace.
They qualified 19th and 20th, and in the race, they finished 17th and 18th, with only two drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Logan Sargeant, who both had an issue that cost them one minute of race time, finishing behind them.
As a result, key figures in Alpine handed their resignation the following day, further proving that the French team was really struggling.

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

Both Alpine drivers didn't make it out of Q1 in qualifying. Interestingly, they weren't even able to beat their best time from the previous year, which underlines the French team's car development struggles.
Gasly had a gearbox problem during the warm-up lap and was called in to retire his car just after one lap of the race. His 27-year-old teammate had a better race and finished P13, which is a great result considering Alpine had the slowest car.

2024 Australian Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

Alpines continued their struggles also in Australia, even though, at least for Gasly, it was the best result out of the first three races of the 2024 F1 season.
Although Ocon out-qualified him for the third consecutive time, Gasly had a better race pace in Australia, but once again, both cars finished far away from points, finishing the race 13th and 16th.

2024 Japanese Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

Alpine was point-less prior to the Japanese Grand Prix, and they also left the Suzuka Circuit without any points to their name. That came after Ocon qualified 15th and Gasly 17th, with the better qualified driver keeping his position, while Gasly improved to P16 in the race.

2024 Chinese Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

The French team started showing signs of improvements during the first Sprint weekend of the season. Despite qualifying P16 (Gasly) and P17 (Ocon) for the Sprint, Ocon managed to carve out 13th position in the Sprint race, while his fellow Frenchman finished 15th.
The improvement continued to show in the qualifying, as this time around Alpine wasn't far behind the competition, taking both cars to Q2, with Ocon placing 13th and Gasly 15th.
The Chinese Grand Prix didn't bring any points for the French team, but this time around, they got the closest compared to the first four races, as Ocon finished only around 2 seconds from 10th Hulkenberg, crossing the finish line in P11.
Gasly was closely behind, finishing 13th, with Alpine confirming the progress they showed during the Sprint also in the race.

2024 Miami Grand Prix Summary - Gasly vs Ocon:

Esteban Ocon scored Alpine's first point during the Miami Grand Prix. The French team still lacked pace, but their new upgrade made the car lighter, and it instantly reflected in their drivers' results.
Gasly and Ocon were evenly matched throughout the whole weekend. Neither of them scored points in the sprint, and Gasly was in a better position to score points in the race, but a safety car gave Ocon a huge advantage.
The 27-year-old made the most of the well-timed safety car and brought home P10 for his team, while Gasly finished in P12.