Former F1 Team Owner Would Not Allow Verstappen To Do What Horner Did

Friday, 21 June 2024 at 22:00
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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan suggested he would not allow Max Verstappen what Red Bull bosses allow him to do during race weekends.
During the seventh round of the 2024 season at Imola Circuit, Max Verstappen probably became the first driver to win a Grand Prix and a virtual race (24 Hours Of Nurburgring) during the same weekend.
Back then, it was a pretty highly discussed topic, as it was suggested that the triple World Champion was not fully focused on his job and career as an F1 driver.
The 26-year-old then shut all the suggestions, showing with one of his best performances that his side hobby has no influence on the final result.
Speaking on his Formula for Success Podcast (which we recommend), former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan asserted he wouldn't have let the Dutchman spend all his evening after qualifying and morning ahead of the Grand Prix racing in an online competition.

"I wouldn't have allowed it if I had been the boss. If I had been Christian, I'd have said, 'I'm sorry, Max, you're here, you're being paid this kind of money to represent the sponsors, the team, everybody associated with the suppliers, etc.'"

"And I think it's very hard to have total concentration, certainly I know this from myself because I don't have that."

While the former F1 team owner asserted he personally wouldn't have allowed it, he acknowledged the triple World Champion's qualities.

"But Max must be a different kind of make-up, and I'm seeing the focus that he's got, as we talked about. He's in a different league, isn't he? You never had any doubt that he was going to win that race, he's an immense character."

During the race that weekend at Imola, it seemed for a while that Lando Norris could catch Verstappen. However, Jordan asserted right after the race he felt like there was no change the McLaren driver would overtake the 26-year-old.