Alonso 'Pushing Very Hard' To See If There Is Opportunity In Red Bull

Monday, 01 April 2024 at 21:00
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According to recent reports, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso is "pushing very hard" to see if there could be a place for him at Red Bull.
The 42-year-old driver, who will turn 43 this year, is, of course, very near his retirement; although he said in one interview this year that he could perhaps race until 50, it is very likely that his next contract in F1 will be his last.
The Spanish Matador made a few bad team choices in his career, which have prevented him from winning the Grand Prix for eight years now.
However, the double World Champions apparently feels there is an opportunity to finish his career on the high with one or two years in one of the top teams on the grid.
According to The Race: "Fernando Alonso is pushing very hard to find what opportunities there may be at Red Bull for him before deciding his future."
The Spaniard found himself in a very interesting spot as he is one of the most attractive drivers on the market at the moment, and both Mercedes and Red Bull need to find one just like him before the start of the next season.
However, Alonso is careful as he is aware that some of his past decisions concerning change of teams hurt his career. As quoted by The Race, the double World Champion said:

"Sometimes it did help me, sometimes it hurt me to be the owner of my destiny. I chose when to go from a team, when to join a team. I chose when to stop Formula 1. And I chose when to come back."

“And now I will choose what I do next year. I will not follow what others do, and they dictate my destiny. I will do it on my own, for good or for bad, it’s the way that I am.

The 42-year-old revealed that he plans to make his final decision ahead of the summer break, before the 29th of July. He added:

"I don't want to wait maybe until the summer, because I think that will be unfair for me and the team, if they have to find more options or things like that. But I don't want to rush as well, and make a decision while my head is not into next year."