Alonso And Sainz Encouraged By F1 CEO To Stay Strong Amid New Spanish Race Announcement

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 24 January 2024 at 19:00
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Spanish drivers Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz were recently urged to stay strong for the immediate future amidst the announcement of a new F1 circuit.
Yesterday, F1 announced that a new Spanish circuit will join the Formula calendar in 2026. With a ten-year-long contract, Madrid Circuit is set to be part of the calendar until the end of the 2035 season.
Formula 1 was not as popular in Spain. However, it has become more attractive over the past few seasons, and the last Grand Prix in Barcelona was completely sold out. President of Racc, Josep Mateu told

"In 2023, we had a Formula 1 with full attendance. We have to say that, as of today, practically all the tickets are sold for 2024, so the Circuit will be packed again. Formula 1 is back on track.

What might be the reason for F1's growth in the country? The most probable answer is the fact that their two drivers have been doing incredibly well recently.
Spain currently has two of the best drivers in F1. Carlos Sainz, who drives for Ferrari, is the only driver outside of Red Bull who managed to win a Grand Prix race in 2023.
And Fernando Alonso who joined Aston Martin, amassed eight podiums over the course of the 2023 season with a team that finished only fifth best in the Constructors' Championship.
PlanetF1 quoted Stefano Domenicali (F1's CEO and president) as saying at the launch of the Madrid Grand Prix concerning the second race in Spain:

"[I hope it] will be a motivation for Carlos Sainz Jr. and Fernando Alonso, to remain strong for the immediate future."

Alonso and Sainz might be an essential part of Formula One's success in Spain, so it is vital that both of them continue doing well if the new Grand Prix at Madrid Circuit is to succeed.
On the other hand, the president highlighted the new circuit was chosen to become a part of the Formula 1 calendar on merits like technology and sustainability. He added:

"Racing is important, but also technology and sustainability. And the Madrid project is very innovative and imaginative."